Commissioned Work

Edinburgh Tool Library
Commissioned Work 1
Part of our work for Montgomery Street Lane social enterprise hub was to build planter screens that double as bike racks

Social Enterprise

ETL is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which means we access grants from funders to help make this ground-breaking model happen. But being grant reliant means you are uncertain of your future.

In order to mitigate this risk, ETL also does things to generate income, meaning we can predict our budget more accurately, and plan for the long term. We generate income in a variety of ways.

Resurface Project

Commissioned Work 2
Commissioned Work 3
Jonny teaching Guy to measure twice and cut once!
Commissioned Work 4
Here is the results of the above coaching – the new seating area at The Kilted Donut, done in collaboration with Becka Subido from Fine Piece, a business that came about through our Young Residents programme.
Commissioned Work 5
Don’t want to look at your bins? Or your staff? The Resurface Project can help!!!

The Resurface Project is our commercial making service, where we take on small bespoke builds, using mainly reclaimed timber. In the past we have built the new co-working space at Codebase, and the Barclays Eagle Lab in their building. We’ve fitted out the Bross Bagels shop on Leith Walk, complete with bagel chute and all-night bagel hole, built bars for festivals, and accessibility ramps for businesses.

Much of this is possible thanks to Jonny, our Woodsmith. He has trained in carpentry as part of his Environmental Sculpture degree at Glasgow School of Art, and brings his creative flair to the design of these projects.

What is wonderful about Resurface is that we also use the work environment to provide opportunities for our Tools For Life trainees, and even, at times, tool library volunteers if they want to learn even more. This has resulted in Guy, who was a trainee, coming on as a member of staff, starting his first ever job.

If you have a project that you would like to speak to the Resurface team about, drop us a line to

We are competitive on price, innovative in approach, and all money made goes to the ETL charity.

Bespoke Workshops

Commissioned Work 6
Workshops include bowl turning from reclaimed timber
Commissioned Work 7

If you want to bring your team closer together, whilst learning new skills and having fun? Or do you fancy a birthday party with a difference? Why not get in touch with us about doing a workshop as a group? We can run a variety of classes to build something communally, or so that everyone goes home with something. We use reclaimed materials, so everything has a story behind it, and it’s carbon neutral!

To chat to us about the options available, drop an enquiry to

Buy things we make!

Commissioned Work 8

At various times of the year, we sell things our Tools For Life teams, and some of our members have made. Watch out for our social media telling you when we have a sale on, and fill your boots with reclaimed, upcycled presents, that don’t create a carbon footprint!

We also have items for sale in the Leith Collective in Ocean Terminal alongside some other fantastic makers.