ETL Retrofixers

We are building a community of volunteers who want to learn, and help others make homes more energy efficient. Then we burn less fuel, reduce our carbon footprint, and save money!

Make homes more energy efficient

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The many ways in which air can get into a building (page 47). Images, courtesy of The Pebble Trust’s ‘Sustainable Renovation

Did you know insulation & draught proofing is the single greatest thing we can do as homeowners to reduce our carbon emissions? The ETL RetroFIXERS are helping you to:

  • STOP draughts
  • Insulate where you can
  • Make one room a cuddle-in

With a little know-how and support, you can achieve a lot! Even if DIY is very new to you.

Upcoming workshops

Follow our linktree for upcoming events

The workshops we are developing aim to teach simple and practical steps for better home energy efficiency.

We have teamed up with EALA Impacts who are helping us design intervention workshops that will teach people some simple, cheap, and effective steps to consume less fossil fuel.

Getting involved

We are looking for:

  • people who want to share their knowledge & skills*,
  • people who want to learn and teach others*,
  • and people who simply need help with their home insulation and are keen to help in some other way!

*From the professional world, and from the public.

If this is you, please reach out via this new member form. We look forward to meeting you!

Damp walls check & help

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Loft insulation (page 57). Images, courtesy of The Pebble Trust’s ‘Sustainable Renovation

Damp walls are the equivalent of wearing a wet T-shirt all day and night. Regularly checking your roof, gutters pointing etc. for dampness is a great start. Let’s keep the weather out of your house!

This is something you may need help with from others, but it’s really important to keep an eye on the need for these basic repairs as they can avoid long term major problems.

Other folks who can help:

EALA Impacts

Under One Roof


The Pebble Trust: Sustainable Renovation

The Edinburgh Tool Library says…

“From the perspective of the Edinburgh Tool Library (ETL), this ethos fits perfectly with our values, and is something that we can practically support with equipment and space, as well as organisational time. We are excited to support an initiative like the Retrofixers that was born from conversations by ETL volunteers and members and can continue to thrive under the ETL umbrella.”

Chris Hellawell, founder and director of ETL