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We’re so grateful for all the support we’ve received from the community during these difficult times and can’t thank all the tooligans out there enough for continuing to spread the word, celebrate sharing, and donate time, energy, and tools to keep our mission afloat!

Adopt a Tool

Whether it’s your way of giving back, a gift for a tool-loving companion, or to create a legacy for your office, choose the tool you want to adopt, pick a donation plan that suits you and together, let’s build a shared future.

Each one of our tools plays a part in supporting the local community – from our Tools for Life program which mentors and trains disadvantaged youth, to our most borrowed tools which not only help houses become homes, but help the planet with their carbon footprint too.

Make us your Co-op Local Cause

Select us as your Co-op local cause! It’ll take you two minutes and will make a huge difference to us. Just click the link and you’ll be directed to sign-in or sign-up!

From now until October 2021, 2p for every £1 spent at any Co-op in the UK will be donated to ETL when members select us as their cause.

Not a Co-op member? Not a problem. For £1 you can join and, once you select us as your local cause, you’ll start generating funds for us just by doing your regular shopping.

This simple action has the potential to really help us raise funds so that we can keep doing the work we love supporting our community and continuing our services with dedication and care. If you’ve been involved in ETL, you know that small choices can make a big difference, whether it’s supporting the sharing economy or learning a new skill. These decisions add up and inspire others to take the time and care to make them too. Tell your friends and loved ones!

Donate Funds

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A great way to support the Edinburgh Tool Library is with a monetary donation.

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That £5 pint you aren’t buying at the moment – why not set up a direct debit and donate the amount to your Tool Library? Or when you pay for your membership, you could pay an extra £10 forward to provide a membership for someone else, or donate a one-off amount of whatever you can afford.

Every penny we raise goes back into our community spaces and the success of the Tool Library. To learn more about the work we do and our non-profit arm, read the ETL Programmes page.

Thank you for your support!

Donate Tools

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The Edinburgh Tool Library is an opportunity to give your unused things a second life in our community. We’re very busy maintaining and fixing our current inventory, so we only accept lightly-used, functioning power and hand tools as well as any larger pieces that you may have.

Read more about donating tools on our donations page.

Donate Your Skills

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Zoe from Studio Zo donates her time to help us with our graphic design.

There are many other ways to get involved with the Edinburgh Tool Library.

  • Become a member and be part of a growing sharing community.
  • Become a volunteer, giving your free time as a means to help the Tool Library, other members, and your local community.
  • Help us fundraise to realise some of our long-term projects.

Charity Fundraising

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We often trade at markets to raise funds. Could you sell a hammer to Thor? Get in touch!

The Tool Library is here to help our community and to pioneer the idea of sharing as a way of life for future generations. It is important work, and we can’t exist on sunshine and rainbows. Volunteering to fundraise for us allows our team to focus on the long-term future.

If you have an idea for a fundraising event or can provide valuable expertise, we’d love to have a chat with you.

Our aim is to be financially self-sufficient, but until then, every fundraising effort and donation counts.

Can you help spread the word?

Even if you can’t spare time or money, you can help!

You can share the benefits of Edinburgh Tool Library membership on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and help us reach more people in Edinburgh.

Be like our very own Wonder Woman, Helen, and tell as many people about us as you can:

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“I told them back at the Wester Hailes Library, took some fliers in. Even when I was on the bus this morning I was telling the lady next to me. She is in an army veterans house and is finding it difficult to get everything done because some of the work isn’t in the job description of the maintenance people. So lo-and-behold I went into my ‘Tool Library Spiel’ as I call it, and told her how she could get things and where the Police Box is, so she wrote it all down.”

Helen has been one of our greatest advocates since joining in 2015.

You can read our interview with Helen here.

Become Our Partner

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When you’re surrounded by tools, cutting a Bross Bagel is easier than you think!

We are all about do-it-yourself, but we’d rather do it with you…!

Supporting the Tool Library means supporting local communities.

Partnerships with businesses, the Government and other non-profit organisations play an important role as we grow. We’re always keen to seek out new opportunities and secure new funding to support what we do. We are looking for partners who share our values and can help achieve our vision. Read more about us.

We are grateful for the sponsorship and in-kind support we have received from organisations such as Innis & Gunn, Kestin Hare, Toolstop, Campervan Brewery, East Pizzas, and Bross Bagels.

Here’s why we could be a good fit with your organisation.

  • In 2014, the Edinburgh Tool Library became the first tool lending library in the UK.
  • Today, we have over 1,100 active members, have lent out 14,000 tools, and are regularly expanding our activities to reach new groups of people and new areas of the city.
  • We were voted Social Enterprise of the Year at the 2016 Buchanan Business Awards.
  • We are recognised as a pioneering, award-winning social enterprise.
  • We are a force for social good – we save people money (especially those who can afford to lose it least) and we improve the lives of the people we work with and the communities we work within.
  • We work hard to protect the environment for future generations – making reuse, recycling, and re-purposing the norm and not the exception.
  • We combine an innovative service with a built-in model for growth.

For details of sponsorship opportunities, development days, and corporate team-building, contact

How we use the money you give us

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Here’s how we use the money we are given.

  • All staff costs are directly associated to a particular grant that we apply for or from self-generated income.
  • 82p of every £1 of membership therefore goes directly to rent, workshop upkeep, tool maintenance, insurance, and equipment, all of which benefits our members.
  • The remainder of our costs are administration, volunteer, and office costs.
  • We choose not to spend a great deal of money on advertising. Capturing the attention of the media is free, plus we’re lucky to have members who donate their marketing services.
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