Edinburgh Tool Library
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At the Edinburgh Tool Library, we believe every tool has a use. So avoid throwing out your well-made tools that have been built to last a lifetime – give them to us! Our success depends on having good quality tools for members to borrow.

We are always open to new donations of good quality, working tools.

Do you have tools you no longer need?

Maybe you need to free up space in your hallway cupboard or garden shed? Or perhaps you need to generously pass on tools from a larger construction project that are now surplus to requirements?

We accept a wide range of tools of all shapes, sizes and ages. Whether they were used once, never used, or well used (and well looked after), and for gardening, DIY, joinery, plumbing, building, woodworking, or anything else, we can make sure they remain useful.

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Or if you know of a professional tradesperson looking to retire who wants to hand on a range of reliable tools, we are happy to take collections. The tools could help young disadvantaged people to learn a new trade through our Tools For Life mentoring scheme.

All the tools we receive are refurbished and serviced in our Leith Workshop.

And if it happens that we have too many tools of a particular kind, we make sure we pass them on to another group doing great things. Most recently, we have provided tools to Refugee Action, who sent a shipment to a refugee camp in Greece, and who are now using them to help teach young people joinery skills.

Our Wish-List

Tools are always needed, but we wouldn’t be humans if we didn’t have a wish list:

  • Cordless drills (They are our most in-demand tool. One drill has been out 120 times in 3 years!)
  • Sanders of all varieties
  • Angle grinders
  • Wallpaper steamers
  • Pressure washers

The story of a donated woodworking bench has particular significance to our founder, Chris Hellawell. Read the story of Bench Mark on our blog.

How to donate

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We greatly appreciate a heads-up email with pictures for particularly large donations so we can make sure someone is available to receive, sort and store things properly. Ideally, donations come in to our Leith Depot location. See opening times under our contact page. Donations at other locations need to be organised ahead of time with one of our staff members.

Unfortunately, it is really difficult for us to pick up tools. It is possible we can swing by if we are in your vicinity, but this would need to be planned in advance and it might be a while before we can schedule it. But if this is the only option, please get in touch and we will do our best.

What happens if we can’t use your tools?

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Some of our excess tools are now helping to teach carpentry to young Syrian refugees on the Greek island of Samos.

After all, you can only use so many table-saws at once! We make sure that any surplus tools are passed on to other groups who will give them a new life doing good, including Edinburgh Direct Aid, Thistle Foundation Men’s Shed, Stirling Tool Library, Glasgow Tool Library, Hermitage Park Primary School and The Turing Trust.

Finally, we are often given antique tools, which, although very beautiful, are not as useful for modern projects as one may think. In this case, and with your permission, we may sell them to collectors who appreciate their beauty to raise valuable funds for the Tool Library.