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Not a member yet?

Becoming a member makes a difference in your local community, it saves you space and money and it’s easy. Read more below and get in touch if you have any questions.

ETL membership gives you:

  • access to 1,000+ tools
  • access to hundreds of open workshop hours
  • a 10% discount on our programme of classes
  • the chance to be part of a community of makers and volunteers that are learning, building and creating a better, more sustainable Edinburgh!

Membership options

The Tool Library offers 3 membership options.

Standard Membership

£30 per year

Membership & Volunteer 2

Concession Membership

£10 per year
The Tool Library is open to everyone. We offer a standard membership at concession price.

*We offer a concession price if you are in full-time education, receiving benefits (JSA, ESA, Income Support, Universal Credit) or over the age of 65 and can’t afford £30.

Pay-it-forward Membership

£40 per year
Purchase a standard membership for yourself and give a little extra to cover someone else’s membership.

Membership & Volunteer 3
We’ve also started to offer Young Tooligan Membership!

Young Tooligan Membership
£10 per year

This membership is for young tooligans to be able to come along with their parent/responsible adult to our open workshop sessions and classes.

For under 18 only. For workshop access only. No tool borrowing.

Please note the accompanying responsible adult is required to also have an active membership to take part in our workshop programme.

Becoming a member

It’s easy. All you need is an email, a Photo ID*, and a Proof of Address**.

Create your account today online and activate your membership in person. You can do so at any of our borrowing or workshop sessions. Your membership will be activated once you have:

Membership & Volunteer 4

✔️ your personal info verified by a tool librarian

✔️ chosen and paid the membership fees as applicable

✔️ signed the user agreement and waiver of indemnification

Membership & Volunteer 5

*Photo ID: a driving licence, passport, bus pass, or student card.

Membership & Volunteer 6

**Proof of Address: a bank statement, HMRC letter, job centre letter, or utility bill, dated within the last 6 months and with your current address.

If you don’t have any of the above, this does not mean you can’t be a member!

Just get in touch with us, and we’ll sort something out with you. We are not a faceless corporation, we are friendly volunteers, and we will always try to help.

Membership & Volunteer 7

Create your account

Follow these steps:

  1. On creating your account today, confirm your email and personal details
  2. Decide which membership is for you
  3. Pick a date and time we’re open to activate your membership in person
  4. Bring along the documents required: photo ID, proof of address, and proof of eligibility for concession price.

Click here to create your account

Have questions or want to see our opening hours? Check out our F.A.Q. or find us here.


Volunteers make a massive impact and positive contribution to our work. Without volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to offer the breadth of services that we do, nor to train people with lifelong maker skills. Plus, our volunteers get the chance to use their skills to make a difference.

Want to get involved? You don’t have to know everything. If you want to dedicate some of your time to the ETL community because you love being a part of it, read more below and apply today.

What do you get when you volunteer?

Membership & Volunteer 8

We call our volunteers ‘Tooligans’ and being one comes with loads of perks:

  • Join social events, build things and friendships, become a living part of a community that is changing the world!
  • Learn new skills and use them to help people and your local community.
  • Open your horizons with new things like DIY, event planning, teaching, and specialist skills through the mentoring and training we offer.
Membership & Volunteer 9
  • Earn recognition for the work that you do from a community who appreciates your input.
  • Use our workshops for your own projects – you can learn how to use the equipment and volunteer to assist, but can also work on your own projects each week.
  • Be part of our Volunteer Assembly – each quarter, volunteers have the opportunity to direct where our resources go. Read more here.

Current volunteering opportunities

Below is a list of some of the volunteering options we might have available.

Tool Librarians

Tool librarians interact with members at the front desk, helping in person with tool check outs, renewals, and membership signups, and also work online via our database preparing and confirming tool reservations. We strive to create an inclusive space that is welcoming to people of all backgrounds and skill levels. No need to have experience with tools, but you should be passionate about our mission and values. We also have lots of tools (as you can expect), so there are a few regular “backstage” shifts to catalog, organise and maintain our inventory. Shifts are three to four hours. Minimum of three shifts per month during operating hours.

Events and Fundraising

Help spread the word either as a key member of the events committee or as a keen helper! Duties vary but include speaking with members of the public about ETL, setting up and taking down a stall and display, signing up new members, and teaching/moderating small activities or workshops. You could also help plan or participate in fund-raising events, like stand up comedy nights, members talks, mad challenges, etc.

Shifts are two to fours hours. Most of the time on evenings and weekends. The committee meets once a month to schedule and plan ahead events and calls out for one-off helpers. This is a great way to get fully involved in our local community and the exciting opportunities it offers.

Tool Repair & Maintenance

At ETL, we know better than most that the efforts behind the curtains are just as important as the work that the outside world sees. We are looking for expert volunteers to help us carry out the essential task of maintaining and repairing our tools and getting them ready for the limelight! Shifts are two to fours hours. Most of the time on evenings and weekends.This is a great way to share and learn skills whilst fully supporting our ETL community.

Membership & Volunteer 10
Zoe from Studio Zo donates her time to help us with our graphic design.

If you have skills that you think we could use, but don’t necessarily fit the roles above, please do still get in touch!

Fill in our volunteer application form

Have more questions? Check out our F.A.Q page or email us at