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Empowering through making

Become a community partner 1

As well as lending out equipment, ETL has two workshops where we teach DIY basics and woodwork, and we also run charitable programmes aimed at helping marginalised people develop their skills, and in doing so feel empowered to transform their communities.

We achieve this through working with community partner organisations, who work directly with disadvantaged or marginalised people, and we
would like to work with YOU!

Tailored to your needs

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We thrive to offer flexibility. We can adapt to suit what your organisation or group needs, but you might just prefer to pick from these three tried and tested interactions:

an hour presentation of what the Tool Library is about and the amazing possibilities of the sharing revolution (more in our volunteer’s blog Jess)

a one-off making session where the group come together to make something over a morning or afternoon

a 5-8 week course for the group to get together a couple of hours a week and learn woodworking in a fun environment

Funding options available

Become a community partner 3

You might have funding to cover the cost of our session or course. Sometimes we have funding on our side too for specific groups. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

We like working closely with you to coordinate and support your group in their empowering journey, but also, as importantly, to evaluate the real impact that the sessions have on the participants. It helps a lot for our future funding bids and to make sure we do our best to help future groups!

What would work best for your group?

Become a community partner 4

Tool Library presentation

  • up to 20 people
  • 30 min to 1 hour
  • total cost: £30
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We can come along and explain to your community group what ETL is all about, and chat to them about the circular economy and how sharing is a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. These sessions often work best in a group that are already regularly meeting up.

Become a community partner 5

One-off making session

  • up to 10 people
  • one off, one day
  • total cost: £500
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We can run a morning or afternoon session with your group to make something (either individually or together) out of reclaimed timber, teaching them, useful DIY & woodwork skills and building up their comfort & confidence with tools. Those that are interested in doing more in future can be referred to become regular members of ETL. We can also plan collaborative builds where the group works together to make something for your organisation (e,g, planters or outdoor seating); these sessions can be done at our workshops in Leith or Portobello, or we can bring our outdoor workshop to you.

Become a community partner 6

Woodworking course

  • 6 people per 2-hour session
  • 5-8 weekly sessions
  • total cost: £3300
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We can run weekly classes making a product and learning a skill of the group’s choice (e.g wood turning with a lathe, making tool boxes, making bird boxes), culminating in a final week community build session, making something together for the benefit of the partner organisation. These sessions can be done at our workshops in Leith or Portobello. All participants would receive a free ETL membership and workshop induction so they can continue their making journey with ETL independently.

Become a community partner 7

… or something specific to your group?

If you have another idea on how we could partner, exchange, learn from each other, or just feel like trying something a bit different than these three main frameworks, please reach out!

We are really keen to hear more, totally ready to adapt to suit your group!

Interested to find out more?

Become a community partner 8

Contact Alys to figure out best options for your group on:

If you have any questions regarding accessibility needs, or have a specific request for something not described here, we are really happy to adapt to suit your group. Just reach out and let us know!