Tool Sharpening & Renovation

Tool Sharpening & Renovation 1
Meet Dick, our Tool Sharpening Guru and all round amazing Tooligan!

Just like everything in the tool library, this service is provided to you out of passion and generosity by our amazing volunteers!

It goes without saying that part of the Edinburgh Tool Library ethos is to make tools last. We make the most of our tools by sharing them, and this requires all tools to be kept in good condition. Volunteers love that satisfaction of restoring a tool as far as possible to its original condition.

For that reason, they’ve decided to open up their tool sharpening and renovation service not only to our inventory but to everyone. This is a great way to raise more funds to support everything we do at ETL.

Whether you’re a member or not, you can drop by and get your tools sharpened.

How much does it cost?

We now have this price list for all the various tools we sharpen. It includes the price for just sharpening plus any additional price for cleaning / renovation.

How long does it take?

Completion is usually about a week, but we’ll be able to advise you more accurately once we see the state of the tools.

How does it work?

Tool Sharpening & Renovation 2
We all like to look sharp before we go to work. So do your tools!

Bring your tools and they will be priced individually. This may not be immediately as it depends who’s on shift but you can get an idea from the price list, and we’ll confirm the price as soon as possible. Make sure you leave contact details with us.

We appreciate if you send us details in advance via the form below. But no appointment necessary. Drop in is fine. You can also ask questions with photos if need be by emailing is at

This service is currently provided at our Portobello location only, and available during our regular opening hours.

COMING SOON! We’re hoping to opening up another sharpening hub in Colinton. Sign up here to be kept in the loop.

Send us your details beforehand for a smooth service