Adopt a Tool. Build A Shared Future.

In tools we trust. We believe in inspiring and enabling anyone to become a maker – giving them tools for life. Adopting a Tool will help Edinburgh Tool Library deliver its vital environmental work and will help fund community and environmental projects that offer people living across Edinburgh the opportunity to build a better future.

On average, we loan around 4,000 to members every year – buying these tools would have cost our members thousands of pounds!

An overall reduction of 180 tonnes of CO2– the equivalent of driving a car round the world 180 times!

And worked on lots of community and outreach projects in Edinburgh – we help young people learn new skills, unemployed people learn new employment skills, supported food delivery projects during the pandemic and even built a pirate ship for children to enjoy!

Whether it’s your way of giving back, a gift for a tool-loving companion, or a present for your team or office, please consider adopting your own very own tool. Thank you for your support.

How do I Adopt a Tool?

It’s fun and simple and we hope it will make you or someone special smile, especially when you know the difference your support will be making to the lives of others.

All you have to do is choose the tool you want to adopt and pick a donation plan that suits you – prices start from £5 a month, and you can choose a tool that you love or if you are buying this as a gift for someone else, you can Adopt a Tool you know is loved!

Which tool would you like to adopt?

Each of our Adopted Tools plays a special role in supporting the local community, from our Tools for Life programme which mentors and trains disadvantaged youth, to our most borrowed tools which help people make their homes more energy efficient, liveable and comfortable.

To thank you for your kindness, your very own tool will send you regular updates on the difference it is making to the communities it supports.

For more information, or to Adopt a Tool, email and we will be in touch.


Adopt a Tool. Build A Shared Future. 1

Supporting Scotland’s disadvantaged youth with maker mentors


Adopt a Tool. Build A Shared Future. 2

Helping local communities thrive with Volunteer Assemblies


Adopt a Tool. Build A Shared Future. 3

Making creativity more inclusive in our workshops for all


Adopt a Tool. Build A Shared Future. 4

Maintaining a greener Scotland with more sharing and fewer unused tools


Adopt a Tool. Build A Shared Future. 5

Giving drills a chance to be used, reducing Edinburgh’s carbon footprint


Adopt a Tool. Build A Shared Future. 6

The master of shape cutting, a tool for a versatile and shared economy

Got a little more to give?

Adopt a Tool. Build A Shared Future. 7

Meet our Golden Adoptions with options from £1000


Building a legacy

Mark can help members and trainees of ETL to discover their potential. It’s what tool libraries do – we give objects a new lease of life. And by donating, you can help Mark build many more memories.

Why have we launched this?

Initially, we launched Adopt a Tool to raise funds during the pandemic, and we are very grateful for everyone who helped Edinburgh Tool Library stay afloat so we could support our communities during such challenging times.

As we emerge from the pandemic the need to raise funds continues. Not only because the fundraising environment is increasingly competitive and grant funding is harder to come by, we also need to raise funds to help communities recover from the pandemic and to support them during the cost-of-living crisis. Your support has never been more needed, or more appreciated.

If you can Adopt a Tool, you will be helping us on our journey to become financially sustainable and your generosity will help communities across Edinburgh build a better future.