ETL Cycle Kitchen

Cycle Kitchen at Meadowbank every Wednesday. For Tool Library Members, membership from £30/yr, join online today!

Edinburgh Tool Library is launching a fresh workshop space for working on cycles1. We’re putting together a space for our members and community where you can work on your own cycle, learn basic maintenance skills, or help others address their own issues.

What is a Cycle Kitchen?

ETL Cycle Kitchen 1

A Cycle Kitchen is a community-driven DIY bike workshop space where people can share their knowledge about bicycle maintenance, repair, and building. We provide tools, spare parts, and expertise to help members fix and maintain their bikes. Cycle kitchens are often run by passionate volunteers and aim to promote cycling as a sustainable and accessible means of transportation. Our mission is to empower every individual, regardless of their chosen mode of transport. The Cycle Kitchen is more than a workshop; it’s a place where you can learn, grow, and connect with others.

Volunteer assisting two workshop attendees at an outdoor cycle maintenance event.

Who is it for?

Our Cycle Kitchen is for everyone, whether you’re an everyday commuter, a weekend adventurer, or just someone looking to try something new.

We believe in transport equity – that everyone should have access to affordable, reliable transportation.

By joining us, you’re not just learning a new skill, you’re contributing to a more sustainable and equitable world.

Come in, roll up your sleeves, and be part of this positive action!

ETL Cycle Kitchen 2

Why do this?

Our aim is to foster independence and self-reliance, while promoting the universal benefits of cycling: it’s healthy, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. We offer hands-on experience in maintaining and repairing a variety of cycles, from bikes to trikes, wheelchairs to unicycles. We believe access to a space where you can actively maintain your own items fosters pride and encourages more use. A cycle you appreciate and can trust is one you’ll use more often.

Open Workshops

Officially open!

Starting off on our balance bike of operations we’ll be running at a reduced capacity until we’re ready for pedals… follow us on social media and Eventbrite to keep up with developing activities

Located at our Meadowbank Hub

Details about all our locations and how to get there are always up-to-date on the Find Us page.

Wednesdays from 15:00-21:00

2 hour session bookings available via our Eventbrite

Assisted Group Workshops

We are running weekly group workshops where members can reserve a workstation (work-stand + tool-kit) and get assistance from our qualified volunteers. Everything from asking for repair advice, discussing benfits and drawbacks of a purchase, to short primers on cycle maintenance can be expected. We will have some generic small parts available for purchase (brake cables & housing, shifter cables & housing, general purpose lubricants, nuts & bolts). Eventually we may even have parts bins to dig through!

We are open on Wednesdays from 15:00-21:00. Bookings are available on Eventbrite, we will be running at a lower than expected capacity while we learn the balance, and build up our volunteer power (want to get involved?). Availability will expand as we have volunteers available to run the space. We are gathering on Wednesday evenings at our Meadowbank hub.

We’ll announce changes in availability via our social media channels and the exceptionally popular ETL newsletter.

Woman working on her bicycle in the Edinburgh Tool Library Meadowbank Hub at an early pilot of the cycle kitchen.

Independent Wrenching

In addition to our assisted group workshops, the space for working on your own bike is available to members whenever our doors are open with the understanding that nobody will be available to assist with diagnosing or fixing issues. Think of this as a self-serve cycle maintenance workspace. Priority will be given to anyone that reserves a workstation via Eventbrite, if nobody has reserved, members are welcome to rock-up and use the space if it’s not already in-use.

Basic Maintenance Courses

Coming Soon!

Getting Involved

We’re always looking for motivated and reliable volunteers at any skill level. Everything from keeping the space open and answering simple questions like what the tool library is about, when someone walks in, to professional level cycle mechanics interested in sharing their know-how with the community.

Our Friends

As we build this community we are leaning on the expertise and help from other community members and orgs. These are a few that have made a big difference so far.

Porty Community Energy Logo
Cargo Bike Movement Logo
ShrubCoop logo, link to Wee Spoke Hub

Our Funding

Sustrans Logo

We have received a small grant for tools, and equipment via the Sustrans Love Your Neighbourhood Fund. We were also part of the Community Active Travel Support Service from Sustrans offering planning assistance, training, and strategy support that got us confidently started on this path.

Foundation Scotaland Logo

We have also been awarded another small grant Funded by Scottish Building Society, administered by Foundation Scotland for the establishment of the Cycle Kitchen.

  1. We talk about cycles rather than bicycles or bikes, just for that little extra emphasis to let you know we love all types of human powered wheeled machines. Want to work on your wheelchair or unicycle, come say hello! ↩︎