Tool Delivery

Edinburgh Tool Library
Tool Delivery 1

Edinburgh Tool Library is joining forces with Farr Out Deliveries to deliver our tools straight to your door, and back again. Tools ordered from our Leith location can be delivered to you on a Saturday, and picked up again on a Friday.

Who Are They

Farr Out Deliveries

Farr Out Deliveries

Edinburgh’s homegrown cargo bike courier delivery service. They deliver everything by cargo bike; surfing the city’s notorious cobbles and climbing its hills in aid of local community, environmental consciousness and the joy of cycling.

We’re well aware bicycle couriers have been around for a while, but the unique feature of being a company focused on Cargo Bike delivery means Farr Out are a perfect pairing for the Tool Library.

Getting Your Tools Delivered

Any member in the Core delivery area will be able to request their tools be picked up from the tool library by cargo bike during our opening times and delivered home. And likewise, to have the same tools collected from home and returned to the tool library.

Setting Up Your Delivery
  1. Reserve tools for delivery using the usual reservation method.
  2. Please note though that only tools from our Leith location are covered by this service.
  3. Then, when the system prompts you to select a pick-up time please select the last time slot at 23:00 PM on a Friday so that we know you’re getting the tools delivered and prepare them for Farr Out to pick-up.
  4. Once you receive from our volunteers a confirmation email (usually by Thursday evening) that the tools are ready for pick up, purchase the delivery directly on Farr Out website via the link below.


Tool Delivery 2
Core Delivery Area

We hope to expand to more and more of the Edinburgh area, please let us know if you are outside of the delivery zone and interested in the delivery services!

Delivery Costs

If your order is less than 5 kg, wherever your delivery zone is, Farr Out has set a flat fee of £5.50. Some larger, heavier (more than 5kg), or farther deliveries will add cost, the Farr Out pricing chart outlines all the tiers. Contact Farr Out for a quote and for payment details.