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Edinburgh Tool Library
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Edinburgh Tool Library is joining forces with Farr Out Deliveries to deliver our tools straight to your door, and back again.

Who Are They

Farr Out Deliveries

Farr Out Deliveries

Edinburgh’s homegrown cargo bike courier delivery service. They deliver everything by cargo bike; surfing the city’s notorious cobbles and climbing its hills in aid of local community, environmental consciousness and the joy of cycling.

We’re well aware bicycle couriers have been around for a while, but the unique feature of being a company focused on Cargo Bike delivery means Farr Out are a perfect pairing for the Tool Library.

Getting Your Tools Delivered

Starting from 25th September, any member in the Core delivery area will be able to request their reservation be delivered during our usual opening hours. And likewise, to have the same tools returned. There will be some restrictions to size, at least during the pilot period.

Setting Up Your Delivery

To reserve tools for delivery through MyTurn you can use the usual reservation method. When the system prompts you to select a pick-up time please select the 1st time slot at 3AM on a Friday and we’ll take it from there. 

Tool Delivery 2

Core Delivery Area

We hope to expand to more and more of the Edinburgh area, please let us know if you are outside of the delivery zone and interested in the delivery services!

Delivery Costs

Most deliveries are £3.50 per trip, however some larger, heavier, or farther deliveries will add cost, the Farr Out pricing chart outlines all the tiers. A volunteer handling the scheduling of the delivery will provide a quote. All charges will be handled via the payment method saved to your ETL account. If you don’t have a payment method saved we can help set that up.

Tool Delivery 3

Receiving or Returning Your Delivery

At this time, we’re asking for all non-essential tools to be delivered for drop-offs (to you) AND pick-ups (back to us) to keep the number of people at the depot to a minimum. We’ll be sure to update our service options as best we can as things change.

The couriers from Farr Out can deliver to a specified safe place if you won’t be home. We’ll be in touch to collect these details when we’re arranging your delivery. Likewise for the return, your tools can be left in a safe place for retrieval.