ESFMMF!!! – Bless you

ESFMMF!!! - Bless you 1

On Sunday the 20th of April 2014 the Edinburgh Tool Library made it’s public debut to the creative hordes of Edinburgh (hordes in the nicest possible way – you were all lovely) at the Edinburgh Science Festival Mini Maker Faire (ESFMMF). Between our stall and a talk I gave in the Anatomy Room (… think dissection theatre) we estimate we reached nearly 200 people on the day, all of whom were very positive about the idea of the tool library. There might even be one or two of you reading this!

I did my first ever video interview, for an article in Make Magazine and most importantly of all, we discovered that ‘We Built This City’ by Starship, was the most popular tool/building themed song amongst the science festival crowd. I still maintain Peter Gabriel was robbed.

At the faire, we began a mailing list for those people keen to contribute to the tool library in the future. If you missed out on the day, but wish to help out in some way, just drop us a line at and we will add you to the list. We also began getting responses to our survey, which we hope will ensure the tool library is steered in the direction that it’s members want. If you have two minutes it would be of great help if you would fill it in.  You can complete our survey here.  Thanks.

In the week following the makers faire, we have been to a meeting of the Fountainbridge Canalside Initiative, spoken to some lovely people at the Stick Factory in Newington, and had a great buzz on twitter and facebook. Keep spreading the word about the tool library and get in touch if you have anything you wish to contribute or ask about.