A Van After My Own Heart

A Van After My Own Heart 1
Sergio and Clara refurbed their van from scratch. Just don’t ask them about the insulation…

In the last year or two, we have noticed more and more members using ETL tools to complete van refurbishments, escaping the city for trips across Scotland and beyond, so our intrepid volunteer, Lorenzo, decided to document some of the fantastic vans rebuild by our members. The results are pretty special places, and the doorway to thousands of beautiful mornings opening doors on breathtaking scenery.

Our first chat is with Sergio and Clara.

Tell us a bit about yourself: where are you from, what do you do for work, and what do you do for fun?

Well, we are both from Portugal and have a 13 year old daughter named Bruna. We came to live in Scotland just over 11 years ago, Clara works at an organics grocery store and practices Yoga and long walks. I work in the Edinburgh Cycle Scheme and I love long walks, skateboarding and mountain biking. Together we love travelling in any way shape or form.

What do you love about being a van owner?

The short answer… The freedom. The longer answer is the freedom, the safety, the unpredictability of the trips and the sense of having a home no matter what.

What has been your favourite trip so far and why?

The inaugural trip across Europe, where some of the highlights are cities such Ljubljana, Zagreb and Budapest, or seing Rammestein in Prague.

What is your favourite part of your van? Which bit gave you the most satisfaction when you completed it?

The double bed – no doubt, to open the back doors in the morning and just loving the view. The ceiling for was also such a challenging task (read: nightmare!).

A Van After My Own Heart 2
The beauty of being a van owner is you wake up in a new place every morning

How did you feel when you completed your van? Why is doing the van yourself important to you?

More than satisfaction was the relief of not having messed up the van 🙂 , and being able to go on the trip we had planned previously. It was very important because we believe that the character of your home can only be built by yourself, and not bought, also the sense of achievement was also huge.

How much money do you think you saved by sharing ETL tools instead of having to buy them yourself?

I didn’t even research much tool prices but even in second hand tools it would have been upwards of £400 for tools that once done wouldn’t be used again.

What do you think of sharing libraries in general and the idea that wealth should be in the community rather than with the individual?

I think it is an essential mindset that would make us all rich by sharing the same items, in societies that function on a endless obsession with consumption we end up not valuing the planets resources, also means that everyone would be able to have the same opportunities to use learn and develop, that is the whole idea of a community.

Photo credit: ldbphoto.com