Writing our Manifesto

We are very proud to finally share our brand new ETL manifesto with you; a joint effort between ETL’s volunteers and staff. We’re delighted with the end result, but even prouder of the journey we went on to get there.

In the last 9 months volunteers and staff have come together over zooms to discuss and write down a clear and concise idea of what we believe in, what our intentions are, our visions for the future and our guiding principles on how we operate in the library, our workshops, and with communities.

Very early on it was decided that the criteria of success for this manifesto wasn’t solely guided by the end result but by the idea that there should be room for plenty of feedback rounds and that wherever in the journey of creation everyone could join in and participate in sharing their thoughts and opinions. The plurality of voices tapping from their different experiences at the Tool Library is what shines through.

After two draft versions in which we dissected each point to its core we got offered some polishing help from copywriter Bob Murison, who turned our thoughts and voices into beautifully crafted sentences.

Then we work together with Studio Zo, who was able to take it to the next level and create this beautiful statement!

Next step in this manifesto journey is to share it and make it our flagship. If what we are about chimes with you, then you probably have the Tooligan spirit too! Get involved!

Writing our Manifesto 1