Tooligan initiatives

We are so grateful for the amazing commitment, drive and support from our community of members, volunteers and makers. When they come to us with great ideas, we can’t resist but to help them!

ETL retrofixers

Tooligan initiatives 1

Did you know insulation & draft proofing of the ageing homes in Edinburgh will return the greatest reduction in carbon emissions? Over anything else we can do as individuals.

A few members of our kind community met with other DIY aficionado’s and people interested in home insulation improvements and retrofittings back in April, and are now setting up a initiative: the ETL retrofixers!

Check out the dedicated page for more info.

Repair Café Edinburgh

Tooligan initiatives 2

You have something broken that you dream to fix? Come to a Repair Café! A few members of our community have come together to start running a series of pop-up space where you can come and get your stuff fixed with the help from volunteer expert repairers.

Check out the dedicated page for more info, upcoming pop-up events and learning about how to get involved.

Colinton Pick-up/Drop-off Pilot!

Tooligan initiatives 3

SW20, a collective of South West Edinburgh residents, has put together a brand new team of tool librarian volunteers! They have a base at the Shed in Spylaw Public Park run by Colinton Village Enterprise SCIO and where they are storing a small inventory of tools from Edinburgh Tool Library. This means that from June 2023 onwards, current and new members of the Edinburgh Tool Library can now borrow tools from Colinton!

They run weekly borrowing sessions, as well as weekly transfers from Meadowbank, the main inventory of the Edinburgh Tool Library. 

The transfer is a brand new service that SW20 volunteers and ETL are piloting. Any feedback, suggestions or interest in getting involved are very welcome. The same borrowing rules from the other ETL locations apply for Colinton. Members can keep the tools for a weekend if that’s enough for them to get the job done or for 10 days if their project requires a bit more time. All borrowers are asked to return the tools back to where they borrowed it from, on the due date, during opening times, clean and in good working order – or with details of any issues they encounter with the tools borrowed.

We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ. Check it out, we might have already answered yours! If not, you can email SW20 tool librarians on For general enquiries about the Edinburgh Tool Library, email

Read Colinton FAQ.