Volunteer Assembly

Volunteer Assembly 1
The Duddingston Conservation Society can now re-pot and sell plants in all weathers!
  • Are you a change-maker in your community?
  • Do you have a good idea? Good for people, place and/or planet?
  • Do you need tools, skills and human power to turn it into reality?

This is where the Volunteer Assembly comes into action and we want to hear from you!

We have tools, skills and human power*

Submit your idea via the form below and get a chance to come and pitch it to our next Volunteer Assembly (see dates below). If your pitch is successful, volunteers will help you make it a reality in the coming months!

Submit your idea

*A small budget is available for materials for the build, snacks for volunteers, or any other relevant items.

Deadlines and time frame

Project time frameSubmission deadlines
February to March 2022>Thursday 13/01/2022
April to June 2022>Thursday 07/04/2022
October to November 2022>Thursday 08/09/2022

This year’s deadlines:

  • For a build over February/March, submit your idea by Thursday 13th January 2022. If shortlisted you’ll be invited to pitch it at the Volunteer Assembly taking place at Custom Lane on Tuesday 25th January 7pm.
  • For a build over April/May/June, submit your idea by Thursday 7th April 2022. If shortlisted you’ll be invited to pitch it at the Volunteer Assembly taking place at our Porty Workshop and Library on Thursday 21st April 7pm.
  • For a build over October/November, submit your idea by Thursday 8th September 2022. If shortlisted you’ll be invited to pitch it at our September Volunteer Assembly (dates and location to be confirmed closer to the date).

We will contact the shortlisted projects a week before the Volunteer Assembly.

*You can submit your idea months in advance!

How does it work?

1. Feasibility review

Once your idea has been submitted, we’ll review its feasibility.

2. Selection

If our team of volunteers can help, you’ll be shortlisted to come and pitch your idea directly during a Volunteer Assembly.

There will be 4 projects on the shortlist.

3. Pitches

You have 2 minutes to pitch! We’ll send you advice on how to make the best impression.

Once all groups finish pitching, volunteers have about 20 minutes to ask individual questions, and then voting starts.

Voting determines which 2 of the 4 projects will become a reality.

Volunteer Assemblies are social events, so we have some food and refreshments before, during, and after settling in to listen to the pitches.

4. Planning

Once the 2 winning projects are chosen, a volunteer project manager is nominated for each. This is the volunteer who helps bring everything together (from budget to design, to workshop access) with support from our staff.

5. Call out and build!

Once a plan is in place, our volunteers and your community will come together, with tools and materials, and do the actual build!

Upcoming builds

We have community builds coming up end of this month and start of July. If you would like to volunteer and get involved, email our volunteer manager on cecile@edinburghtoollibrary.org.uk. We’ll send you the details!

Past projects

Projects we have undertaken so far include:

– making a set of giant musical instruments for Dads Rock,

– designing and building a garden space with a Cyrenians community,

– building a large and beautiful bar for the Hidden Door Festival,

– reshaping a Bikes for Refugees container workspace,

– designing and setting up an irrigation system for a community garden in the Meadows,

– building a range of large planters for the Grass Roots Remedies cooperative to run their classes (read all about it in their lovely blog post )

– building a potting shed, outdoor furniture, and a shop for a community garden in Duddingston (watch the video),

– and many others, we even repaired a pirate ship!

There’s no limit to what we can do together! As long as you’re making use of our skills and tools, and we can use as many recycled materials as possible, the Volunteer Assembly can make it happen.

Not sure we can help?

Any questions? Drop an email to hello@edinburghtoollibrary.org.uk.

Reach out if you’re not sure about applying. We’ll give you a call and help you figure out if this is the right opportunity for your idea.

For example, if you don’t have a lot of flexibility, or you need something built by a fixed date and have a bit of money, we can still help, but we might recommend you for our Tools For Life programme. (This is a programme where we pair mentors and trainees to build things for community groups like yours while helping raise funds for the Tool Library.)

Volunteer Assembly 11

Meet Dorothy our mascot

Dorothy the Chop Saw happily comes along to every outside build we do in the community. From bird tables, potting sheds, even a vegetable shop, with her power and versatility, Dorothy makes any project possible. Your donation will make sure this scheme continues to help both Dorothy and local communities thrive.