Tooligan sustainable gift guide

Tooligan sustainable gift guide 1

Here to inspire you: the 10 best sustainable gifting ideas of the Tooligan community! At the Tool Library we champion creative ideas that reuse old materials, that encourage a culture of sharing experiences and one that brings smiles on everyone’s faces. Giving something special doesn’t have to cost you much, and when gifting something unique and sustainable you can be sure that your loved ones will enjoy and remember your gifts for years to come, cherishing them the way gifts used to be. 

1. Gift some greenery

Seeds, seedlings or plants brighten up every home and on top of this, are incredible air cleaners 

2. A Race Entry

The perfect gift for all the runners and cyclists in your life! And it gives them something to look forward to – we all need it!

3. A Gift voucher for a tattoo

It’s a gift for life! There are many talented tattoo artists + you can even ask for a Tool Library design.

4. ETL membership (or classes)

Tool Library membership make excellent gifts! Who doesn’t want to get +1000 tools and two workshop spaces in their stockings. Buy an ETL gift card today.

5. Adopt a Tool 

Make sure the Edinburgh Tool Library keeps inspiring people and communities around Scotland and the rest of the world, to build a cleaner, healthier and shared future. Adopt one of our little friends today for someone who shares our passion.

6. The Gift of Knowledge

The perfect gift can be found at the other beloved libraries in our community, borrow a curated selection of books on a theme that you know the person will love. 

7. Gift your Recipes 

Even though we can’t dine together (2020 lockdown), we can still enjoy those delicious meals by giving our loved ones the recipes. Unleash your inner calligraphist and make beautiful cards to inspire their future cooking. Or you could weigh out the dry ingredients and layer them up in an old jam jar, tie the recipe to the jar and mention which ingredients they will need to add. 

8. Gift something handmade

Get crafty with some scrap fabric you have in your home and make something simple but useful like scrunchies or reusable make-up remover pads. Youtube has a library of instruction videos to help you along the way. 

9. Gift a playlist

Give the gift of a Boogie Wonderland by curating a personalised playlist, CD or tape! 

10. Support small business, artists & makers 

This holiday season, support your local small businesses when you buy your gifts! Give a selection of locally brewed beer or your loved one’s tipple of choice or something unique made by local artists and makers.

Did you know the UK spends a combined total of around £700 million on unwanted presents each year? *

So our final tip when looking for the perfect gift, is to just ask your loved ones what they really want and need. The waste that is created from unwanted presents makes an incredible impact on our environment each year, that with a small step like this we could make such a difference this holiday season!  

Happy holidays everyone!

*. phs WasteKit blog: ‘How much waste does the festive seasion create’