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What is Fork in the Road?

Fork in the Road is a creative project started by Mo Odling. She designed and built two bike-trailer kitchens in collaboration with the Edinburgh Tool Library.

The project came to life in Madrid in 2015, where Morvern Odling, Yannick Roels and Suraia Abud came together at design futures event Interactivos at the Media-Lab Prado.

Fork in the Road wants to question where kitchens can be found. That is why we like to cook in community gardens and local greenspaces. We also run events that go beyond cooking and highlight creative uses of kitchen spaces. All events and workshops are run with local partner organisations with great insight into the needs and desires of the local communities.

Fork in the Road is active across three main areas in Edinburgh:
Wester Hailes, Granton and Craigmillar.

Since the kitchen units have brought joy to many communities across Edinburgh. We cooked community meals, made soaps, dyed textiles with natural dyes, participated in a medieval feast, and many more.

We are very grateful to Awards for All who are now funding this project for a second year!


Cooking Bridges

We are very excited about our newest adventures that we have called “Cooking Bridges”. Over the next year, we are going to collect and cook recipes from the communities we are spending time in. We will collate the recipes and related stories and publish them at the end of summer 2020. Would you like to be involved? Get in touch!

Open Source

A key component of the project is its open-source foundation: the trailers blueprints are freely available. This ensures that others will be able to replicate and use the project and generate new ideas for its use. Go to Morvern’s website to look at the blueprints. Mo has also published an open-source book that chronicles the first year of the bike-trailer kitchen adventures and gives tips and advice on how to use the kitchens. You can access the pdf version here or contact us for a paper copy (very few left!).


We are looking for volunteers!
Do you like to cook?
Do you like open source projects?
Or maybe you are into cycling?
Are you a social media whizz?
We need your help!

If you are enthusiastic about any of those things and would like to help us out, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for both one-off as well as longer-term volunteers.

Do you have a special cooking event in mind but don’t know where to deliver it?
Fork in the Road might be able to help.

Get in touch by writing a little blurb about yourself explaining why you are interested in Fork in the Road. Send an email to Lisa


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The team


A former Fork in the Road volunteer, Lisa has taken over coordination of Fork in the Road in spring 2019. She is passionate about food: thinking about sustainable food systems as well as cooking delicious meals. Fork in the Road allows her to combine these passions and share lovely meals with a lot of wonderful people.


Toni came on board in August 2019, when Lisa started a new job. She is a very experienced community outreach worker and excited to apply her knowledge to deliver community events for Fork in the Road.